DOP Certification


What Is A DOP Test?

DOP testing is a very quick process that tests the integrity of the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter using Dioctyl Phthalate (DOP liquid) in it's operational condition. Using a generator, the DOP liquid is dispersed as aerosol particles that will be greater than .03 microns into the upstream flow of the HEPA filter media while the number of particles in the downstream flow is measured using a calibrated photometer.  The test will certify the HEPA filter is functioning at an efficiency rating of 99.97% and that there is no leakage or damage from the overall piece of HEPA equipment.

At H&S Specialties Inc., we strictly follow the Environmental Abatement Council of Ontario's DOP / PAO Guildline, established in 2013.


When To Do A DOP Test?

HEPA filtered equipment should be tested for each project on-site where the exhaust from the units is vented indoors or near exterior HVAC systems. HEPA filtered equipment should be tested whenever maintenance work is conducted such as changing or repair of HEPA filters, working on motors or any other maintenance that will affect the seal or integrity of the unit.  Both Negative air units and HEPA vacuums should be tested a minimum of every 3 months regardless of location of exhausting and frequency of use. 


Why Choose H&S Specialties Inc.?

H&S Specialties Inc. specializes in testing HEPA filtered equipment, utilizing new and modern equipment that is factory calibrated anually.  When H&S is on your job site we ensure to follow all of your outlined safety practices and procedures. 

Give your workers the confidence in knowing that the equipment that they are working with on-site is operating to the correct efficiency.  Our fully trained technicians are certified to meet your testing needs while following industry standards and compliant with guidelines.